The World’s Best Raw Chocolate Ganache Cake

March 14, 2012 43 Comments

I have to tell you: this is the world’s best yummiest raw chocolate cake ever! I can even say: this is the best chocolate cake.

I don’t tell you to make it.

I’d rather say: if you don’t make it you will miss your best raw chocolate cake moment!

Raw, vegan and full of chocolate? How can this happen? Does this mean this is a healthy, sweet, very chocolate-y experience? Yes, if you don’t count the 100 grams coconut flower sugar, this cake is nutritious, healthy, full of vitamins and minerals.

The base contains dates, almonds and Himalayan salt. Almonds are rich source of vitamin E, containing 26 miligrams per 100 grams. Raw almond is high quality protein, a third of which are essential amino acids.They are also rich in dietary fiber, B vitamins, essential minerals and monounsaturated fat, one of the two fats which potentially may lower LDL cholesterol.

Health benefits of dates are uncountable, as this fruit is affluent in natural fibres. A 100 gram portion of fresh dates is a source of vitamin C and supplies 230 kcal (960 kJ) of energy. Dates are even rich in other vitamins and minerals. These natural product contains oil, calcium, sulphur, iron, potassium, phosphorous, manganese, copper and magnesium which are advantageous for health.

The base of the ganache is avocado. Avocados are a good source of fiber, potassium, and vitamins C, E, K, folate, and B6. Half an avocado has 160 calories, 15 grams of heart-healthy unsaturated fat, and only 2 grams saturated fat. One globe contains more than one-third daily value of vitamin C, and more than half the day’s requirements of vitamin K.

Cocoa contains a large amount of antioxidants (flavinoids). Cocoa beans are rich in a number of essential minerals, including magnesium, calcium, iron, zinc, copper, potassium and manganese and in vitamins such as A, B1, B2, B3, C and E.

Coconut sugar has long been a staple in East Asia where it is extracted from the sap of coconut flower buds. And when compared to brown cane sugar, coconut sugar contains more than 20 times the amount of nitrogen, 26 times the amount of phosphorus, nearly 16 times the amount of potassium, four times the amount of magnesium, 26 times the amount of natural chloride, and nearly twice the amount of iron. It is also very high in natural B vitamins.” (Learn more on Natural News.)

Do you believe me that this is a healthy chocolate ganache cake? 🙂

Oh and I shouldn’t forget to mention the name of the goddess who I learnt to make this cake from. Laura Coxeter is a raw food specialist and she showed Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall (in the TV show River Cottage “Veg Every Day”) how to make a sumptuous chocolate tart with wholesome raw ingredients.

Raw Chocolate Ganache Cake

Ingredients (serves 4, for a 18,5 cm – 7,28 inches – spring form pan)

For the base
– 100 g almonds
– 70 g dates, pitted
– 1/2 teaspoon sea or Himalayan salt

For the filling
– 2 big ripe avocados
– 70 g raw cocoa powder
– 50 g coconut oil
– 100 g coconut flower sugar (you can substitute with raw cane sugar)
– 1 vanilla bean, split and seeded
– pinch of sea or Himalayan salt


If you have time soak the almonds for at least 6 hours then drain and dehydrate them (The soaking releases the enzyme inhibitors and makes them easier to digest.). In a food processor blend the almonds. Add dates and salt and blend until you get a ‘dough’ or until the mixture forms a ball (if it’s too dry, add 1-2 teaspoons coconut oil to the dough).

Line the spring form pan with cling film and press the dough into the bottom of the pan. Place it in the freezer  to harden until you make the ganache.

Place all the filling ingredients in a food processor then blend everything until smooth. Pour the ganache over the base. Set in the freezer for 1 hour (it should be firm enough to slice up). If you’re impatient you can take out after 45 minutes freezing. 🙂

Let’s cut in…

This is your slice… the bigger part is all gone! 🙂

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  1. That is such an interesting recipe! I’d love to try that cake.



  2. Oh wow, this looks amazing! I’ve been wanting to make a chocolate avocado cake for ages and toying with recipes by Joy the Baker and one I found that Hugh FW made. But this might just have pipped them to the post, it looks lovely! (and much healthier than the one I posted!)

  3. I recently made an avocado chocolate pudding and confess that I didn’t like it one bit. But in looking over your recipe the ingredients look MUCH better and I imagine it tastes heaps better. 🙂

  4. Ough… my stomach is growling. ok ok, I believe you!

  5. Ooh this looks absolutely divine. Love mixing avocado into the chocolate adds such a sublime flavor. Lovely!

  6. Regula says:

    This looks absolutely gorgeous!
    Love it!
    Only I can’t find coconut oil and flower sugar anywhere 🙁
    nomnom 🙂
    ps. I will see if I can find that plate for you!

  7. oh my goodness!!! thank you for the recipe. would never ever thought to combine avocado like that. can’t get over it 🙂

  8. What a decadent and rich chocolate temptation! I’ve never seen a raw chocolate cake quite this smooth and creamy and perfectly gooey… I’m featuring this post in today’s Friday Food Fetish roundup (with a link-back and attribution), but please let me know if you have any objections. It’s a pleasure to be following your creations…

  9. Anonymous says:

    My friend made this last week and brought it along to our girls night – everyone was RAVING about it! Not too rich and so smooth…. am making it this week for my office fundraiser!

  10. Anonymous says:

    Do you have to use fresh dates for this?

  11. Mia says:

    hi, how long does this keep for please?

  12. Andrea D'Angelo-Risner says:

    Here’s a recipe conversion site I found. Being from the U.S., I’m “metric impaired”. I hope this helps other similarly afflicted Americans 🙂

  13. Nadine says:

    I’ve tried it and it was my first vegan raw cake experiment !!!! Absolutely delicious

  14. Rando Lüll says:

    Very good cake!! Everyone loved it!

  15. Laura says:

    Hi, I’ve made a similar delight- and since I made it at 10pm I’ve frozen it- I worry that the avocado will ‘brown’ ( funny since they are covered in cacao anyway) if kept in the fridge. My friend served a raw dessert cake frozen the other week and it was refreshing. What do you think? Leave to thaw before eating? X

    • Zizi says:

      Hi Laura,
      yes, you should take out the cake of the freezer a few hours (1-2 hours) before you serve. It depends on the temperature of your kitchen.

  16. Rachel says:

    One of my favorites! Thanks so much for posting this recipe. I added chocolate frosting ontop using raw maple syrup blended with coco powder and it made it just perfect and really look and taste like a cooked chocolate cake. This will be my staple desert when I have guests over and it look less then 10min, yay!

  17. Maddie says:

    Hi, is the 50g of coconut oil the solid weight please?

  18. Maddie says:

    OMG, tried this recipe yesterday served with raspberry’s and my own raw chocolate chocolates. My friends were blown away.

  19. Adrianne says:

    Hi Zita-
    Just wondering if you can use Cacao instead of Cocoa?
    And would it change the amount of sugar/sweetner that is used since Cacao is not sweet on it’s own.

    It looks Amazing!
    Thank you:)

  20. lenna0013 says:

    Looks amazing! Could I maybe substitute avocados with ripe bananas?

    • Zizi says:

      Yes, I think you could but the cake will have a bit different texture and it’ll taste different. Be careful because the banana is sweet so you may add less coconut sugar!

  21. Kaylee says:

    Thankyou Zizi, It’s my first try, I’ve made it for a birthday and will cover it with fresh strawberries at the last minute. Therefore, I haven’t had a piece yet but just the taste test as I was making it tells me this is going to be a devine tasting cake!

  22. Helen Lehan says:

    I was given this recipe after trying it a a yoga centre. They made it up for my birthday at my request as it was so lush. I want to try it at home. How do you dehydrate if you don’t have a dehydrator? I would like to make it for my family. x

  23. Ina says:

    Thank you so much for this delicious recipe! Even if Im used to the great tasting unhealthy chocolate cake, this tastes so da*n good that I´ll never make the unhealthy one again! I was surprised how good it turned out, even my 3 year old loves it! 🙂 Thank you!

  24. Mirza says:

    When I saw recipe I thinked it can’t be tasty couse you mix cocoa and avocado,they dont have that much sweet taste.
    But I will add stevia and for sure try this recipe out!

  25. Kara says:

    This is absolutely divine. Just devoured 1/4 of the cake in one sitting. Unbelievably rich and decadent. Thank you!!!

  26. Diana says:

    I made this today, the only problem i had was that this recipe was all in grams and it was really hard for me to measure. i pretty much had to guesstimate everything. As the result i did not have enough filling, so i added cashew cream on the top. As the result it was a big hit with my carnivorous friends for thanksgiving.

  27. Elena says:

    Thank you for this recipe!!! I made this 3 times already. Me and my husband, we love it. It sooooo delicious! We just cant get enough!

  28. Hannah says:

    I have made this many times for special occasions and birthdays . I absolutely love it and every one who has it thinks it’s amazing !!

  29. Kathy says:

    Wow! This cake looks so yummy- I shall try it when I can get some himalayan salt and flower sugar!!! I made a similar one using toasted hazelnuts and cashews in the base then topped it with sliced strawberries which added a lovely contrast to the lovely smoothness of the avocado and cacao mixture! Please take a look at my recipe-I’d love to hear what you think!
    Thank you! 🙂

  30. Elle says:

    I have made this recipe time and time again for years now, and it is a huge favourite with everyone I have been kind enough to share with! It really is the best ganache cake recipe out there, and the fact that it is healthy too is a huge bonus. Thank you for this recipe X

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