Vegetarian and Vegan Dinners

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The vegetarian/vegan food is the result of my conjuring up some culinary creations in my little Budapest kitchen. Everything is made from the ingredients I find at my favorite organic farmer’s market or at my neighbourhood fresh produce market and other little local food shops supporting the local farmers and the local community. As much as possible I always use fresh stuff, so the food I prepare is full of healthy ingredients that are straight from the plant or that are made with as little processing and as few added flavorings as possible, keeping nutrients and original flavors intact

At the moment I have a tiny kitchen that is getting smaller by the day :), but it still gives me a chance to experiment. A few times a month I will be turning this tiny kitchen into Budapest’ smallest underground vegan restaurant. It only sits two. You will be treated to a delicious three-course Hungarian dinner and a glass of Hungarian wine.

If you would like me to be your chef for a memorable evening full of culinary delicacies let me know by dropping a mail to


Here is a few testimonials from guests who have recently been to my tiny “restaurant”:

“I was Zita’s guest a few times and I always had a great time. Not only the dishes impressed me but also the atmosphere this girl created in her home. She is eager to use fresh ingredients of the highest quality, cooks with every warmth of her heart – this is something I am always amazed by because I’m myself not a big cook. If you want to make freindship with a healthier (means vegan) version of Hungarian cuisine, I can only recommend you to visit Zita and take a look at her kitchen and her life, too.”
Eva, Budapest, Hungary

“I just love the way Zizi talks with so much passion about the vegetables and spicies she buys at her favourite  organic market and uses in her receipes! Every time I need an advise as to what to cook for a special occasion or just need a new vegan inspiration – I check her vegan recepies, or even contact her directly with my questions. I had also the pleasure once to cook together with Zizi! She is the one in charge in the kitchen, because cooking is a serious thing: we had to sieve the spelled flour for the beetroot-chocholate cake 🙂  there is a still lightness around her while she cooks, you can tell, how profoundly she enjoys it. Her passion for creative cooking, her wonderful food photos, the extraordinary ingredients, she is a real gourmet. She inspires me greatly, Elle m’itonne. :)”
Gabrielle, Paris, France

“The country of meat and potato has much more to offer when you find yourself in Zizi’s humble abode. As a vegetarian/vegan you might be hard pushed to find anything other than deep fried veg and of course tons of carbs in our beautiful country unless… you find the hidden treasure that Zizi embodies in her way of combining the flavours of Hungary with health. Her magic lies in the effortless ways of using nature’s gifts: nothing is over complicated or too fancy. It’s only tasty “soul” food that has been created through her unique dedication towards a lifestyle that she shares with passion. Nothing blend or unimaginative passes in the name of vegetarianism/veganism. I would love to treat myself to her hospitality every day but only one lucky person gets to enjoy that, while the rest of us attempt to follow her through recipes.”
Orsika (Zuma and One and Only Royal Mirage Restaurant Manager), Dubai, United Arab Emirates

“My partner Peter and I were very keen to learn how to cook traditional Hungarian vegetarian dishes while we were on our holiday in Budapest this summer. Our Dutch friend, who has been living in Hungary for 8 years recommended the dinner at Zita’s. We were lucky enough to have her as our cook and  words cannot describe how amazing she was. The dinner was set in Zita’s home, and she cooked Hungarian mushroom stew with dumplings and baked poppy seed and sour cherry strudel. We ate the dinner which was totally amazing and drank a bottle of fabulous Hungarian wine. I would recommend Zita and her dinner to anyone, she made the evening fun and interesting and we returned home with some new ideas what to cook for our guests if we want to impress them.”
Judith and Peter, Amsterdam, the Netherlands

“I have been on a business trip in Budapest recently. I have heard about this page from a friend of mine, who already tried Zita’s natural, healthy food. I always wanted to try the original Hungarian food but I wanted more than what a local restaurant could offer so I’ve decided to check out Zita’s meals. I had a great time with her and her partner! The food was incredible!!! I must tell you I’m so amazed by the tastes of Zita’s food. Delicious and healthy at the same time. I’m so excited about all those unique and natural tastes. Wooow! Thank you very much Zita! I will be back in Budapest soon and I will visit you again for another nice meal! I’d recommend her dinner to anyone who likes unique, traditional tastes in a healthy way!”
Richard, Bremen, Germany