Almond Butter Red Currant Popsicles – Guest Blogging At Vegan "Miam"

September 20, 2012 3 Comments

I’m so glad to be a guest blogger on Rika’s amazing blog, called Vegan “Miam” (did you know that miam means yummy in French?). What an honour! We got to know each other through Twitter and I had a chance to meet her personally in Budapest last summer.

I brought an easy to make yum popsicle recipe for Rika’s readers. During the very sweltering Hungarian summer (temperatures 36-40C) I didn’t turn on my oven often. I bought popsicle molds and I discovered the homemade popsicle world. There are so many great ingredients (fruits, chocolate, nuts, herbs, spices) to use and within a few hours you can cool down yourself with an icy dessert. See other popsicle recipes here.

To get the recipe visit Rika’s blog.

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  1. Never tried this combination: but it’s absolutely interesting!


  2. What a great idea to use almond butter for popsicles. It must make for such a creamy texture and with all that protein – it’s such a healthy snack!

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