Vegan Fig Yoghurt Dessert With Walnut Vanilla Crumble

September 17, 2013 5 Comments


Finally I’m brave enough to go out with my cute son, Adam to run a few errands and to do shopping. The best way to travel in the city is using the public transport that means it’s better to take your baby in a carrier than using the pram (at least in Budapest). Public transport and the whole city is not ready for moms and disabled people. Hopefully it’ll change very soon.

Using a carrier (like this one) has its advantages: both of my hands are free, easier to walk, to get on and off buses and the best part is that Adam is so close to me that I can feel his snuffle and his own special baby smell. :)


Finally when we get home we always happily tell dad what we did, where we went and what an incredible day we had (at least I enjoyed it but we should ask Adam too if he likes shopping or not :) ).


On a day when we went shopping I bought these delicate, juicy purple figs. It’s so rare to get figs in Hungary (although the weather is suitable to grow!) that’s why I was over the moon to get my hands on them. I was wondering how to use them… baking a fig frangipane tart or something else? Then I found one of Slyvie’s recipes and I decided to make a similar parfait dessert using these wonderful purple figs. It is not only a dessert but it’s perfect for a Sunday brunch as well.


Vegan Fig Yoghurt Dessert With Walnut Vanilla Crumble

Ingredients (serves 2)

For the crumble
- 1 cup walnuts
- 1/4 cup raisins
- 1 vanilla bean, split and seeded
- 1/4 teaspoon salt

For the yoghurt cream
- 1 cup soy yoghurt / yoghurt
- 1 medium lemon’s juice and zest
- 2 tablespoons honey or maple syrup
- fresh figs, sliced


Place the walnuts, raisins, vanilla and salt in a food processor. Pulse until chopped and crumbly.

In a bowl mix together the soy yoghurt with lemon juice, zest and honey (or maple syrup).

Place sliced figs in the bottom of a glass and top with a layer of walnut crumble, then lemon yoghurt. Repeat to create multiple layers.


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  1. Rosa says:

    A delicious dessert! Fresh and refined.



  2. Ina says:

    This looks like a delicious dessert, but Oh my, I haven’t seen fresh figs in ages! Do you think you could use dried figs that you ‘reconstitute’ by soaking them in boiling water?
    I take it you don’t use the vanilla bean itself in the crumble?

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